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Telescopic training spear MAC Armour CZ More

Manufacturer: Mac ArmourProduct code: P00050 Shipping and Payment

TELESCOPIC TRAINING SPEAR!!! With this weapon, you can safely train various techniques against spears, swords, daggers, and shields, or use it for free fencing. This perfect tool will bring you many new ideas for training and fun during free sparring!

The tube and telescopic part of the weapon are made of lightweight aluminum material, ensuring low weight and durability.

The spearhead, equipped with a safe tip, is made of durable plastic that doesn't crack, splinter, or break!


Overall length – 660 mm
Weight - approximately 395 g
Pressure strength - approximately 9.3 kg
Telescope retraction length - approximately 100 mm
Inner tube diameter for mounting – 25 mm

!!!The training spearhead is supplied without a wooden shaft!!!