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Plastic sparring mittens MAC Armour CZ More

Manufacturer: Mac ArmourProduct code: P00028 Shipping and Payment

Inner gloves are optional. You can use your own inner gloves.

The functional design of MAC Armour Sparring Mittens corresponds to the second half of 15th century.
Our design provides maximum balance between movability and protection level.

The product is made of 3mm thick high reliable plastic. The material is highly resistant to cracking.
The gloves are desighed to be used for sparring with both steel, wooden and synthetic weapons.
Thanks to the placement of straps, you get a natural feel in your fingers for efficient handling of the weapon.
The design with sliding segments allows the use of plastic mittens for EU hand sizes 8, 9 and 10.

The plastic mittens are not connected to the inner gloves (can be easily separated). This design allows the inner gloves to be used separately for light sparring.

Maximum hand size (including inner glove):

Palm width (knuckles): 10,5 cm
Index finger lenght: 10,5 cm
Middle finger lenght: 11,5 cm
Ring finger lenght: 10,5 cm
Little finger lenght: 9 cm