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MTS1 - MAC Tactical Shield, shield fer effective self-defence More

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Our newly designed self-defense shield is a response to the growing wave of attacks spreading across all continents!

This shield enables you to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones. The product is intended for both individuals without self-defense experience, who instinctively react by raising their hands against the direction of the attack, as well as for experienced fighters. The shield provides additional body protection and allows for counter-attacks to neutralize the aggressor.

Our tactical shield withstands attacks from knives, machetes, or other impact weapons. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight, you can carry the shield in a backpack or store it in a vehicle for easy accessibility when needed!

Are you working in law enforcement agencies or agencies? Are you a security guard at a train station or airport? Are you an ambulance driver or truck driver? Do you operate in high-crime areas? Or do you want to have a tool ready at home to face an intruder's attack? Then this product is designed for you! Our shield will serve as a foundation for successful self-defense.

Furthermore, we believe that for experts and individuals dedicated to self-defense and combat sports, our shield will be an excellent complement for further skill development. Enrich your training with new combinations of self-defense tools and weapons.


Specifications of MTS1:

  • Maximum dimensions: 49 cm x 18 cm
  • Weight: approximately 540 g
  • Equipped with a handle and strap with a quick-release buckle, allowing for deployment within seconds
  • Inner protective layer made of soft rubber dampens impacts and provides sufficient protection