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Harnischfechten training visor More

Manufacturer: Mac ArmourProduct code: P00040 Shipping and Payment

Inspired by an original visors of the sallet type helmets.
Easy to mount on a fencing mask. 
Thanks to the material elasticity and strength and thanks to the mounting system, the visor can be mounted on different types of fencing masks. On some types of masks/helmets the visor may not fit perfectly, but this does not affect the functionality or strength of the visor.
Simulates the view from the helmet with the visor closed.
The size of the visor and the visor-covered area of the mask partially reduces airflow, making breathing difficult, similar to a closed helmet. The amount of air in a closed helmet is certainly less than in a fencing mask with an additional visor, but we believe that for training and beginners it will be a sufficient burden.

Weight of the complete visor - 200g
Visor width - 10mm